The Carteret Literacy Council (CLC) is a non-profit (501) C (3) organization founded in 1984. Our mission is to reduce illiteracy in Carteret County by improving the reading, writing and arithmetic skills of young people and adults through the efforts of CLC trained tutors and other volunteers.

What We Do

Free One-on-One Tutoring

We provide FREE private tutoring in reading and math to any resident in Carteret County. Our only requirement is that "you have to want our help."

Annual Literacy Spelling Bee

We organize our Spelling Bee each year in October. If you love to spell or if you simply love to watch others have fun trying to spell difficult words, this event is perfect for you. This event is open to the public, and cheering is encouraged! Click here to read about our most recent Bee, and see our Spelling Bee Page to find out when our next Bee will occur.


We will come to your location and do a presentation on literacy, at no cost to you. If your club, church, non-profit group, business, or group wants to know more about the importance of literacy, please contact us by telephone or email.

Bringing Books to Babies

Every baby born at the Carteret General Hospital receives a new "board book" and a packet of information about the importance of reading to a child. This program is funded through private donations.

Head Start Storytelling

We maintain a lending library, and volunteer storytellers read to the children.

Lucille Loomis, one of our volunteer
storytellers at Head Start who is dearly missed by all CLC members.